Appointment FAQs




Do I need an appointment?


We request that you do make an appointment so that we know in advance that you are coming so we can ensure that we have staff and a changing room allocated to serve you as we can be very busy and don’t want to disappoint.


How far in advance should I attend a first bridal appointment?


We recommend that you have a first try of dresses between 12 - 18 months before your wedding to have an un-rushed experience. This will allow you to have an idea of your style with a year to go and be able to book your measurement appointment no later than 8 months before your wedding to allow enough time to create your made to order wedding dress and allow time for alterations if needed. If your wedding is less than 8 months away please ask us about any ready to wear gowns we may have available.


Do you charge for appointments?


Any appointments Monday - Friday are free of charge. Appointments on Saturdays are charged at £25 if it is a first bridal appointment (this is refunded if a dress is ordered at any time in the process). Saturday appointments are free for brides who have already placed a deposit and wish to attend on a Saturday for a measurements or dress pick up appointment.


How long will my appointment be?


Generally a first or second look appointment to try different styles is approx 90 minutes, a measurement appointment is approx 120 - 180 minutes and a dress pick up appointment is approx 90 minutes. (On Saturdays we need to strictly adhere to appointment times as all changing rooms are generally booked out all day due to demand for Saturday sessions so if a bridal party is late attending the time has to come off the appointment as other brides are attending and will need the changing room after. On weekdays however we can allow longer sessions if needed). For details of how appointments work please see THE BESPOKE EXPERIENCE page.


What size are the samples?


We have a variety of sizes to try (a selection of uk 4 - 8 for petite brides, many styles in uk 12 - 14 and some in uk 16 - 20 and we are currently producing a larger selection of plus size samples in our most popular styles). Your custom gown can be made in any size and don't worry at all if you are a size not mentioned here as we have innovative systems for showing each bride a vision of their favourite combinations for full confidence. This year we have made a full range of dresses for brides (everything from approx uk 0 to uk 38).


What is the price range of your bridal gowns?


Our wedding dresses start at £795 for a destination dress and go to approx £2000 for a fully bespoke design depending on fabrics and style chosen. Many styles in our showroom fall in the range of £1500 - £1850.


Who should I bring to my appointment?


When it comes to choosing all the details of their wedding dress we find that brides can get muddled and stressed if they have too many guests with conflicting opinions. We suggest that you bring up to three guests and many brides choose just one or two. Guests are limited to three on Saturdays as those are the busiest days in the showroom and we have to request no children attend on Saturdays as some brides may be trying their actual dress for the first time so we need to ensure a peaceful experience for this important session (Children are however welcome at weekday appointments as those have exclusive use of the showroom).


Do I need to bring anything to my appointments?


Some brides like to wear nude pants and a strapless bra to help show the dresses to their best. It is most helpful if a bride can bring their actual bridal shoes to their measurement appointment so we can accurately measure the length of the front hem to be made, however its not the end of the world if a bride cant buy any prior to this as we have a variety of heel height shoes here to use for this and we advise brides to then wait to purchase shoes until having tried their dress as its easier to buy shoes to match the dress than to hem the dress to match shoes.


What does custom pattern mean?


We make a custom pattern for each bride who visits our showroom included in the price. This means that instead of just making a standard size, the dress for each bride is created using a multitude of measurements (including correct hem length, a built in bra in the right size and position and many width and length measurements for the bodice and skirt). This means that many brides whose weight has not altered may not need any alterations and those who have changed in body shape during gown production will require minimal alterations to make the gown fit compared with the work needed to make a standard gown fit. This should not be confused with a"Made to Measure" service which instead means a custom pattern and that multiple fittings are carried out until the dress fits perfectly - this is a much more expensive process as it involves many more appointments, more stitching work and often a toile to be made prior to the dress production (this service is provided by certain designers and can cost anything from £4500 upwards).  


What if I need alterations?


The cost quoted for your custom gown is only to cover the silk fabrics and the workmanship and does not include alterations, however as we make a custom pattern for each bride we find that many don’t actually require any alterations. For the brides who lose or gain inches during the time of their dress production we can help : for local brides we recommend our preferred alteration service based 15 minutes away in Worcester as they know our dress construction so well and offer very competitive prices. For our brides from further afield we are happy to help and provide a selection of suggested alterations services in their area for convenience, but of course brides are free to chose any service they might find themselves.


How long will it take to make my dress?


We like to measure our brides at least 8 - 9 months before the wedding, this is because it will take approx 4 - 5 months to custom make each dress depending on the design and workmanship involved. We invite brides to visit to try their dress for the first time with a minimum of 3 months before the wedding to allow ample time for any desired changes or for any alterations needed. These are the latest timescales but many brides like to be organised and want to see their dress 6 months before the wedding for peace of mind and a stress free run up to the wedding so the earlier a bride can attend appointments the better.


Can you help to choose matching accessories for my big day?


On the day that you try your dress for the first time our trained consultants will assist you with your entire bridal look. They will be able to advise on bespoke veils which can be made in the matching lace to your dress and also be able to spend time trying items from our huge selection of headpieces and bridal jewellery (we have the biggest collection in the country with over 650 pieces). When you find the perfect items from our display samples we’ll be able to pack brand new pieces to take away.


When do I collect my dress?


Most brides take their dress away with them on the day that they try it for the first time. If they desire any changes to the dress we keep it to make the changes ready for a next appointment. If a bride has changed in body shape and needs an alteration they take it away to carry this out. If a dress fits and does not require any extra fittings then a bride can request for us to store the dress for them if needed and we arrange a time closer to the wedding for the final collection (this should be no later than 6 weeks before the big day just in case a bride has subsequently lost weight as this time will be needed for adjustments).


Policy on cancellations?


Once a deposit is placed and work commences on a gown then we contractually require the order to be paid for in full regardless of whether the wedding is cancelled or if a bride purchases another gown from an alternative outlet. We do however strive to help brides in any way and will work closely with brides should their requirements or styling decisions change during production time (for example we have previously changed pattern work when a bride has become pregnant or their venue has changed and involves certain practicalities etc...) Depending on how far along production is we will discuss with brides if we can carry out changes free of charge or if any costs will be incurred.


How should my dress be cleaned and stored after my wedding?


We recommend a fabulous dress cleaning company called Treasured Possession. They are a nationwide service who will pick up your dress, specialist dry clean and deliver back to you afterwards. We have used them countless times to clean our silk sample gowns (particularly after location shoots!) You can also purchase a preservation box from them at prices from £35 to protect your dress and prevent any discolouration. See their website at/