Dress Production


Creating stunning wedding attire is not a simple process, so much expertise and hard work goes into every single Ivory & co bridal gown. We are proud that our designs are not just part of a factory line mass production ; each of our designs are couture made individually for each and every bride.


Central to the quality of our gowns are the sumptuous fabrics that we source from around the world ; working with mainly European mills to find the most luxurious silks and delicate laces. We source beautiful silks ; heavy satin, crisp taffeta, and gorgeous mikado, georgette, crepe and twill and hand dye to create our signature palette of subtle colour tones ; porcelain, ivory, blush, cappuccino and platinum. We gather laces of every description ; classic, contemporary, intricately patterned and delicate.


We use these stunning fabrics hand in hand with our couture expertise to produce dresses of exquisite quality. Every care is taken, from our pattern production, to our methods to cut the silk on the bias and our corsetry techniques to the stitching work and final construction. The gowns are hand crafted with any lace beading or lace applique work carried out meticulously by hand stitching by a dedicated team. As we make each dress individually for each bridal order it means the pattern team, sewing experts and finishing team are all aware of the individual needs and requests of each bride to ensure any bespoke changes or custom pattern is perfectly carried out.


We pride ourselves on the special touches which make our gowns stand out from the crowd. For further information about our techniques or for an answer to any specific queries regarding production of a particular design get in touch with our team who will be happy to help : info@ivoryandcobridal.co.uk