Diamonds are forever! - your guide to ultimate sparkle

Posted on August 22 2019

Diamonds are forever! - your guide to ultimate sparkle


Every bride wants to shine on their wedding day and when choosing their accessories we have seen a growing trend in brides looking for maximum sparkle. The options are endless; whether you are looking for a full tiara with as many stones in as possible for the ultimate in 'bling', or whether you are going for understated glitz with the addition of jewellery, every option has been covered by our ever expanding bridal accessories options. Here are some useful tips to help you choose the right pieces to sparkle and shine..


Sparkling stones


If you are looking for stones that shine the brightest, most of us think Diamonds!  But as a tiara can easily contain hundreds of stones, buying one set with this precious gem could easily cost more than the average home. However, there is a perfect alternative  ; AAA simulated diamonds offer the cut and clarity of the real thing, with a substantially lower price tag. As they are man made many also see this as the ethical option. If you are looking for a lighter type of sparkle then opt for crystals. They are an excellent choice and offer a sparkle with more colour, casting beautiful prisms when hit by sunlight.


Perfect setting


When considering the setting for your stone, the materials you chose will depend on the look you are hoping to achieve. For a more vintage feel choose rhodium. This member of the platinum family has a slightly darker look than silver, lending a more vintage feel to the stones and making your pieces look like authentic heirlooms. Silver is an excellent choice if you are looking for a setting to highlight the pureness of brightly cut stones and will add maximum glitz to your accessories. Gold accessories look fantastic with champagne bridal gowns and really add luxury to the overall look. It will bounce off stones giving them a warmer feel than any other metal.  This is the perfect choice for brides with warm hair and skin tones as silver can look too cold in comparison.  Lastly rose gold is the ultimate popular choice at the moment.  Its perfect for romantic styling and looks amazing with blush and rose gold toned dresses.


Get the look




It is worth considering the theme of your wedding when choosing your accessories to know you'll have the perfect look on your wedding day. For example statement jewellery with large set stones look great if you are having a glamorous wedding in a grand hotel, but won't necessarily work if your wedding is very rustic; smaller stones will lend themselves more to this theme as they will not dominate your look in the same way, but put enough of them together and you will still reach your desired level of sparkle. If your dress is covered in tiny crystals, it is advisable to look for a piece with stones that mirror them to tie your outfit together nicely. Alternatively if your dress is plain, your accessories can give you an identifiable look; from the Hollywood glamour effect of large drop crystal earrings, to the feminine feel of a contemporary tiara laden with smaller set stones.

Going for glitz on your big day doesn't have to mean a tiara; with many other options out there, consider your desired hairstyle for your big day before choosing your piece. A comb in an up do can be look just as effective as a tiara; if you are looking for maximum sparkle consider heavier pieces with overlapping high quality stones so the entire comb catches the light. If you want boho sparkle it may be worth considering a hair vine designed to be incorporated into your hairstyle for added shimmer. Side tiaras are a great way to create a statement with a cluster of stones on one side, but with the security and detailing of a headband. This is when the side tiara really comes into its own; a plain headband can be hidden in the hair so as not to detract from the detail on the piece, but with no risk of falling out due to the strength of the band. This is particularly helpful if you have fine hair or a very short hairstyle.  Finally if you want the full statement look it has to be a tiara!  There is a reason they've been so popular for hundreds of years.  Its your day to shine and nothing will do that better than a tiara set with stunning sparkle.


Glittering jewellery


The addition of jewellery can be used to compliment your headpiece and add extra bling. To tie these two elements together, a common theme replicated in both your jewellery and hairpiece is helpful; for example if you have chosen a tiara with large oval stones, consider a necklace with a centre oval stone to mirror the glamour. For ultimate sparkle, a necklace with simulated diamonds set around its entire length (instead of a chain) will catch the light and add that red carpet feel to your look. A bracelet to match finishes off this look and will make you feel fabulous, for a fraction of the cost of their diamond counterparts. If you were looking to tone down your look in the day, but want all out glamour for the evening reception, consider wearing statement jewellery for the evening to evolve your look from day to night.  It is important to try on jewellery with a variety of different sized stones so you can decide which is the level of sparkle you are hoping to achieve. Remember lots of tiny Austrian crystal elements can be just as effective as pieces set with larger simulated diamonds, as they will all catch the light individually as you move.


Whatever you decide on, the key to success is to try on many different options - It is ultimately about the pieces that not only single you out as the bride, but make you feel a million dollars too!  

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